Warthog Advertising & Internet

Search Engine Optimization

This agency started in 2007 as a full service agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the later 2000’s that was a “safe” and easy internet marketing strategy. Today, banking on that practice alone is not the wisest decision. Search engine algorithms change. It been estimated by many experts that, Google (in some fields) may change their search algorithm over 1x per day. Likewise the search engines do not accept money for rankings (at least the search engines that matter). Therefore, results are not guaranteed. While successful internet marketing may rely on SEO, it is wise to not be dependant on organic search engine traffic alone if loss of that traffic may result in a serious loss of business.

Warthog is still at the forefront of SEO for local businesses and entrepreneurs but our focus and web strategies have evolved to the forefront of web marketing, building higher quality web pages that promote engagement, and to setting up analytics programs that more accurately measure those results and conversions. Web marketing may include PPC, social media interaction/advertising, and email marketing.